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Wage Earners in Alabama


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Paid Time Off for Volunteering

Warrior is more than an employer.
It’s a fellowship.

With employees in the top 10% of earners in Alabama, a top-tier benefits package and a healthy work/life balance, we are focused on identifying exceptional talent. We are currently hiring at all locations including our new Blue Creek mine. Find out more about our operations and available opportunities.

Dave Scott

General Mine Foreman

“The opportunities at WMC are endless. This company rewards you for high level performance, both financially with target based bonuses and with career advancement opportunities”

Megan Orsulak

Senior Geologist

“Being part of the team is important because it allows me to contribute to something bigger and also learn from everyone else around me.”

Xavier McCollum

Underground Miner

“Being part of the WMC team means that you are willing to put your pride aside to help others. No man left behind and we are all family. It’s a brotherhood like no other.”

Mine workers examining something in the mine

Compensation & Benefits

At Warrior, we believe that those sharing the load should also share the success. That’s why our employees are in the top 10% of Alabama wage earners with average earnings of $100K+. We have established a top-tier benefits package, which includes competitive wages and salaries as well as performance-based incentives. The benefits package is designed to support our employees’ medical needs and is provided at no cost to our employees. Our total compensation and benefits package is focused on the needs of our employees and their families and is designed to attract, reward, and retain our employees.


We also recognize the importance of work-life balance and provide our employees with generous paid time off (PTO), company holidays, and idle periods demonstrating our commitment to support a healthy work-life balance. We are also launching a volunteer PTO program through which employees will receive PTO to volunteer with organizations or causes that are important to them.


Average miner earnings

Working in the mine.


At Warrior, we care about career development. We incorporate training best practices, provide continuing education, and constantly reinforce individual skills. Whether we are preparing new employees, retraining current employees, or conducting management training for supervisors, we prepare everyone to perform at the highest level while maximizing safety and efficiency.


In all operations, from equipment to conduct and ethics, we train everyone to work with the highest level of integrity. We believe our employees are our greatest asset. It’s the reason we invest so much in training and development. Our goal is to offer each of our employees continual career development that helps them grow professionally and personally, including onsite training, third-party manager training, and leadership development programs.

Live in the Middle of it All

Have access to everything Alabama has to offer. Living in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the US, you can hike and camp in the mountains, relax at the beach, or fish and boat at one of our state’s many lakes. From outdoor recreation to world-class shopping and dining experiences found close by in Birmingham, Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans, you’re never far from adventure.

Football Game

Get in the Game

From Friday night lights to Saturdays on campus, here you can experience some of the best football in the country every fall.

Alabama mountains

Take a Hike

Get out and get into nature. Go hiking for the day or camp overnight at any one of Alabama’s National and state parks.

Talladega Superspeedway

Talladega Motor Speedway

Get into gear and experience the unrivaled, heart-pounding action of NASCAR®

Alabama Lake

Head to the Lake

Come on in, the water’s fine. Our many lakes across our state offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy fishing and water sports year-round.


Life’s a Beach

Alabama is known for having some of the best beaches in the world, and you can be relaxing on them in just a few hours.

Barber Motorsports

Barber Vintage Motorsports

Check out this museum of 900+ mint-condition motorcycles and rare and unusual cars or attend one of the many motorsport events held throughout the year.

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