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Empowering Industry Every Day

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Strengthened Through Safety

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Mined for Manufacturing

Warrior provides the resources required by the world’s top metal manufacturers to create premium steel, which in turn is used to build the future.


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From the heart of Alabama to the core of Industry.

At Warrior, we are dedicated entirely to the responsible mining of metallurgical (met) coal, also known as hard coking coal (HCC), a critical component of steel production by metal manufacturers in Europe, South America and Asia. We are a reliable, safety-focused, low-cost supplier of met coal with quick supply routes through the Port of Mobile.

8 MM to 13 MM

8 million growing to 13 million short tons in nameplate capacity


Lower incidence rate than U.S. rate in 2023


Exporting to 35 countries

40+ Years

Combined reserves for three mines

Premium Quality

High Coke Strength After Reaction (CSR), high fluidity, high drum index, and low sulfur make our coal a unique blend.

Reliable Supplier

We have a proven track record managing complex outbound logistics through the McDuffie Terminal in Mobile, Alabama.

Shortest Transit Times

We deliver to European and South American markets with exceptional speed allowing our customers to benefit from favorable inventory management and lower working capital.

Water Management

We take the necessary actions to ensure the most responsible use of one of Earth’s most critical resources.

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Our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of employees and visitors is present in every area of our facilities.

Well Capitalized Mines

We make continuous investments in our mines, above normal sustaining capital rates, ensuring that we deliver above and beyond our commitments to our valued customers.

Environmental / Social / Governance

Resourcing the Future Safely and Responsibly


Corporate policies help to ensure standards and practices that drive long-term value for all stakeholders.

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We understand the impact that mining can have on our environment, Warrior works diligently to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements through innovative methods.

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Warrior is more than an employer. It’s a fellowship. Explore available opportunities.

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Our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of employees and visitors is present in every area of our facilities.

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Read the 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

Whether it’s greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water management, or biodiversity impacts, corporate responsibility has never been more important to the mining industry. Find out more about our commitment to responsible mining here.

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Top 10%

Wage Earners in Alabama


Lower incidence rate than the national rate in 2022